Friday, April 22, 2011

Road Trip Update - Better Than Justin Bieber?

The day of my viit, St Francis School delivered! I had my hot dog with mustard for lunch. The beans were a pleasant surprise. Sun Chips are actually my favorite right now... . I saved those for later. Ate them for breakfast this morning.

One student wrote:

"Thank You so much for coming to our school. You were so inspiring to me. I will always remember the day you came to my school!"

And another:

"Thank You, Julie Hoy. You are a better singer than Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift combined!"

Reading the Thank You notes given to me by the 5th grade class blessed me greatly.

Watching God work in the hearts and minds of the students of St Francis School was better than any amount of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, hot dogs, or Sun Chips combined!

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