Friday, April 22, 2011

Road Trip Update - Doorways With Silly Faces

Love these kids! Pacelli Catholic School is such a special place. Thank you, Mary Holtorf, for being such a wonderful doorway for the work of God. Special thanks to the third grade class for the beautiful Thank You notes. You are truly amazing!

There are "roadblocks" and "doorways" for God. Being at Pacelli was definitely a doorway experience. So much fun to watch God move and work in the lives of all of us.

Road Trip Update - Better Than Justin Bieber?

The day of my viit, St Francis School delivered! I had my hot dog with mustard for lunch. The beans were a pleasant surprise. Sun Chips are actually my favorite right now... . I saved those for later. Ate them for breakfast this morning.

One student wrote:

"Thank You so much for coming to our school. You were so inspiring to me. I will always remember the day you came to my school!"

And another:

"Thank You, Julie Hoy. You are a better singer than Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift combined!"

Reading the Thank You notes given to me by the 5th grade class blessed me greatly.

Watching God work in the hearts and minds of the students of St Francis School was better than any amount of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, hot dogs, or Sun Chips combined!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Road Trip Update - Strength In Numbers

Well, after I couldn't find my keys, Alex and I finally hit the road. We made good time. Drove all night the first night... met a lovely waitress by the name of Ms. Marie at a truck stop in Eastern Washington.

It was about three-thirty in the morning when we stopped. Alex had chicken fried steak. I had ham and eggs. Not realizing it was Friday... a Friday during Lent... we ate like pigs. Oops.

After we ate, we went to the car to sleep for an hour. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't get Ms. Marie out of my head. I felt God asking me to give her a copy of my book. Alex begged me not to do it, but God wouldn't let up. I made my way through the cram-packed Honda Fit... to find a box of books. It was windy, cold, and dark, but I wouldn't quit.

I walked back into the truck stop, not knowing how my gift would be received. Would I be embarrassed? Would Alex have been right... and I shouldn't have done it in the first place? Emboldened by my faith... I walked right up to her... handed her the book and explained. My gift was met with her beautiful smile. And her strong voice saying "Really?! For me? I can't thank you enough. God bless you!" I told her a little about the book... and the fact that I was on the road working for God. She promised her prayers for me and for Alex. That meant so much. I feel Ms. Marie with me in prayer.

There is strength in numbers and because I listened and answered "yes" to God's call, Ms. Marie is now part of my team... and I am part of hers forever.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Faith First!

The Could I Paint The Sky? - Will Work For God Tour starts April 14th!

There really is nothing like saying "Yes" to God and then watching His purpose unfold before you. I strongly recommend trying it sometime.

This has been one of those situations where I had to leap... "faith first." Only after the leap could I realize the reasons why.

Rochester, Minnesota - I've looked ahead at the St Francis School lunch calendar. Looks like Hot Dogs are on the menu when I am there to visit on Tuesday, April 19th. Bring on the mustard!

Austin, Minnesota - I wish Pacelli Catholic Schools would update their website. Their latest lunch calendar is only posted through March! Looking forward to being together Monday, April 18th... no matter what's for lunch!

Faith first... here I go!