Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Turtle Eggs and Greek Yogurt

I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to food. I'll try just about anything. If the texture is crunchy, like grasshoppers for instance, I'm in. If the texture is slimy I'm slightly on the fence. If anything is covered in garlic and butter, no question!

I think my worst food consumption memory is that of eating turtle eggs. You do what you have to do though... when your in a foreign country... and a family of little means is pulling out all the stops because you're in town. You mind your manners and eat what is put in front of you. I would never have eaten an endangered species if it were not such a special treat in their eyes.

After being dipped in boiling water turtle eggs look a lot like ping pong balls with dents in them. The instructions were to tear a hole in the top, squeeze in a little lime, shake a little salt, slurp, and swallow. I can remember the experience vividly. (My gag reflex is kicking in just thinking about it.) The first thing to hit me was the fact that, even though the eggs had been dipped in boiling water, they were not at all cooked on the inside... only slightly warmed. I made it through the first round. I was a little worried when the plate was passed to me for the second and third time. I understood and came to appreciate the sipping of tequila throughout.

A little closer to home... I went to the store for some yogurt and bananas. (I like to make smoothies in the summertime.) All the store had in stock was Greek yogurt. Never tried it, that I know of, and I figured yogurt is yogurt... so why not? I was surprised to find Greek yogurt is very thick. Why is that?! It's a little more like really dense sour cream. Yesterday's smoothie was so thick I could hardly suck it up through my straw! Today's smoothie was much better. Adding more fruit juice did the trick.

As for the turtle eggs... I don't know if I will ever have the pleasure of eating them again, and that's okay with me. On the contrary, I think Greek yogurt would be completely acceptable on a daily basis. I'm so glad I tried it and vow to step out and reach for another food that's foreign to me next time I'm out shopping. Why not? It's cheaper than traveling abroad!


  1. Oh Jeez Louise, don't tell me everything.

  2. Echo and I stumbled upon Greek yogurt after her 'stash' of YoBaby ran dry. It's pretty great. Excellent for cooking Indian food too:) I'll pass on the turtle eggs's makes me think of turtle beaks.

  3. I think turtle beaks are a delicacy down here. When I first moved here I lived with some guys from the Congo, very polite, well-spoken (French) and deferential. They used to kid me about my breakfast: eggs, toast and oats. They called it "Bezongos," their slang for Western habits and culture. Then they would sit and eat (with the hands only) their chicken feet and mealy pap, which feet were kept under the sink in roach territory. So the message I spoze is "to each his own" as opposed to "when in Rome." Because I wasn't willing to try the chicken feet.