Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Dose of Stupid

I found a shirt in my closet I hadn’t worn in a long time. I put it on this morning with my cute jeans and thought I looked like a million bucks… until I saw the big wrinkle down the front. Too lazy to take it off, I made the genius decision to steam the wrinkle out while wearing it. Now I have a nasty grouping of burns all over the left side of my stomach. Nice.

On the way to Bible Study, looking for the upside to my pain, I thought about the stripes I earned in pregnancy. Just so you know… steam doesn’t take out stretch marks. I’m not sure which made me feel more stupid… burning myself with the iron… or actually checking to see if my stretch marks were gone.


  1. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes this wins the stupid award or would it be time to slow down.

  2. When I got my steamer last year, I read the warning and it said, "Warning: do not steam clothes while wearing them." I thought that was a joke. Clearly it is not. Hope your burns aren't too bed!