Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She Ain't Heavy, She's My Sister

Just a favorite moment...

My daughter sprained her ankle in a basketball game. My son, her older brother, carried her out of the gym to the car, from the car to the ER. When we arrived home, he carried her into the house. At bedtime, he carried her up seventeen steps to her room. I was all choked up.

As much as they fight at times, I know they love one another. I know that he would carry her if she needed. He is 18 now, she is 16. While he might be too heavy for her to carry, she would stand up for him in any way she could. That is love.

Those we truly love are never too heavy to carry. In one way or another we can find a way to help... to the best of our ability.


  1. You've carried me before, and I'm not even family. Thanks for that!