Friday, July 29, 2011


The search started online three months ago, when It became painfully obvious that the ministry was not supporting itself financially.

I've always been reluctant to get paid for what I do for God. I just suck at asking for money. I've always felt what I've been given should be given in return. The music and such are no exception. My dear husband works hard at a real job... with a regular paycheck... to support it all; our household, my music ministry and the work of the non-profit I helped to form.

I knew I needed to help. I set out to get a summer job... something temporary... in order to pay expenses needed to support the ministry work and supplement the household budget at the same time.

I found a cannery job online. Having done that kind of work in college, I knew I was qualified. I was shocked to realize that they required applicants to first register through the State Employment Division. THAT experience, in itself, was a day to remember. I scored pretty high on their aptitude tests. Frankly, that made me feel pretty smart and rather proud of myself.

After jumping through the state hoops... I received my permission slip. (A piece of paper that gave me the right to show up for the cannery job on application day.) About a thousand people showed up for a little over a hundred jobs that day. I was sure I wouldn't get the job but stuck with the process and promised God If I did get it... I'd consider it His plan and would work my butt off for His purpose.

To my surprise, six weeks later, the cannery called and asked if I could come for orientation the following Friday. I was one of the first twenty five or so people to get the call. I considered it a divine appointment and have worked just about every night since. Three to midnight is my shift. Would I rather not be working there? Honestly, yes, as I have continued my work with the music and marketing the ministry at the same time. Now I really know what it feels like to not have enough time in a day.

Through it all, I realize I'm stronger than I thought. I'm certainly not afraid to be humbled, and the work I do for God is worth the sacrifice.

Last night was my best night of work so far. I was thrilled to get my first paycheck. The money will be used to buy postage for the mailing of my brochure for potential author visits this school year. I'm hoping to fill the calendar with opportunities to serve God... and for the first time... for a fee.

God has been trying to teach me this lesson for a very long time. I guess as long as my husband's income would support the ministry... I didn't need to ask. Those days are over. I'm about to enter the workforce in ministry! I just have to get used to the idea of getting paid.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Long Uncomfortable Pauses

It's been quite a while since I last posted a blog. That was stupid. Just felt like I didn't know what to say. I find it difficult to be inspired when life is a little upside down.

Have you ever been in "home refinance limbo?" It must be a little like hell. Not being able to get things done until other things are resolved financially really sucks. One thing is waiting on the other day after day.

Road construction all around my home is a symbol for my life. Stop. Slow down. One way. Road closed. Turn this way. Turn that way. Did the bank call? "Yes, they want more information."

Hurry up and wait.

Long, uncomfortable pauses are necessary sometimes. I just have to be sure to keep my eyes on all the good parts and trust that God has the plan.